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How to Get the Odell Beckham Jr Hair Style

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Haircut or Hairstyling is nothing but a simple way to arrange your hair in a better way. When we have a perfect haircut, it will make us look good and improve our personality. Most of us like Odell Beckham Jr hairstyle because of its trendy look. We might have often screwed ourselves by trying his haircut and ruining our look. 

So, never commit this mistake again, to avoid those situations, here you are going to take a tour on how to get the Odell Beckham Jr hair style for your face. Sit back and enjoy this, it will be fun!


I know many of us are new to this topic, called identifying the face shape. But it’s not that much tough to identify the face shape, just follow some simple steps and you are done with it. Do you know that there are five different types of face shapes, and everyone you meet will owe different face shapes? Different face shapes need a unique haircut. 

Now, take some time and follow these six simple steps to identify your face shape.

Step1:  Get yourself near a wall with no disturbances behind and grab your mobile phone.

Step2: Now, all you need is to capture a proper picture of yourself (just your face). You can also choose your people at the house to take a picture of yourself.

 Step3: Make a photocopy of that picture. Well, it is not going to cost you much time or money. And then, get ready with any marker, a few dots and lines will end up the process.

Step4: In this step, you need to plot eight dots on the picture of yours.

Plot the dots in the following manner. 

  • Centre and sides of your forehead.
  • Cheekbones (right below your eyes). 
  • Jaws lines (right below your cheekbones). 
  • Finally, on your chin. 

I hope you are with me and have eight dots done.

Step5: Now, you need to connect those dots and make four lines of it.

Connect the dots in the following manner. 

  • A horizontal line is connecting all the three dots on the forehead. 
  • A horizontal line connecting the dots on the cheekbones. 
  • A horizontal line connecting the dots on the lines of the jaw. 
  • A vertical line connecting the forehead and the chin.

 I hope you are with me and have four lines.

Step6: The final step is simple and easy. Make use of a ruler or a measuring tape to measure the length of the lines.

As mentioned before, there are five different types of face shapes, and once you are done with the measurement, check-in what category you fall in. Now, let discuss the face shapes.

Circle: When both the horizontal line connecting the dots on the cheekbones and the vertical line connecting the forehead and chin are of equal length. Plus, if the lines of the jaws are curved.

Square: When both the horizontal top line connecting all the three dots on the forehead, and the horizontal line connecting the lines of the jaws are of equal length.

Heart: When the length of the horizontal line on the forehead is greater than the horizontal line on the cheekbones and when the horizontal line on the cheekbones is greater than the lines of the jaws (i.e., Forehead line > Cheekbones line > Jawline). 

These are some of the common face shapes, and it takes little time and effort to identify them.


After identifying your face shape, you need to choose the best haircut style that fits your face. Now, choose the suggested haircut for each shape and then approach your trustworthy barber or a hairstylist.

Circle: Medium your sides and back, and prefer length on your top. Prefer classic haircut.

Square: A neat crew cut or buzz cut haircut will be best for square shape face.

Oval: Shorten your sides and back, and maintain longer on your top. Prefer under-cut haircut.

Heart: The perfect style preferred for heart face shape is the Pompadour haircut.

Triangle: A neat haircut will fit for the triangle face. Prefer comb over hairstyle.

Grooming your hair will make you attractive. A perfect haircut is equally important to the outfit you prefer to wear. So, make your look attractive to help these simple steps. These are some hair styling tips for common face shapes. I end this tour here and hope you enjoyed it.  


How to Post a GIF on Instagram Very Easily

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Instagram is a platform that was born to fulfill a very simple function : share the photos you took from your smartphone. Over the years, this social network has been expanding, offering many more options. Since there is much that we cannot express with text alone, since an image is worth a thousand words, more and more users and companies decide to include GIFs on Instagram. And, more specifically, in their stories.

GIF on Instagram has become a key element, without which this social network is no longer conceived. Among the reasons for its popularity and increasing use, the following stand out:

  • There are all kinds and on any subject
  • They are fun and very visual
  • Its movement and aesthetics very easily capture attention

Here I listed some of the ways to upload GIF on Instagram.

Use Giphy to upload the GIF

To start, we will need to have a GIF that we want to publish. We can get lost in the Internet and search among millions of options, or we can also use one of these applications and create our own GIFs. Currently, it is not possible to share GIFs on Instagram, although there are a number of tricks that will help us bypass this restriction . Giphy is one of the most important GIF platforms, where we can find millions of moving images.

Instagram only accepts photos or videos, so we will have to convert the GIF to video . The easiest way is to go to Giphy and choose one of those that appear on the platform or upload one from our team. We can also use the desktop version or the application for Android or iOS . Once we have the GIF in Giphy, we will simply have to click “Share” and choose the purple square with the Instagram logo.

Using Imgur

Imgur is another important platform where you can upload and find millions of GIFs. If we create an account, we can upload the GIFs we want and then view them from the mobile device, download them in video format and publish them.

If you like slightly more complicated things and use Photoshop , there is a way to convert GIFs to videos. We simply have to open the GIF, go to File> Export and Render Video. Don’t worry about the settings , the ones that come by default should work perfectly. Once we have the video clip, we can send it by email, Dropbox or any other method to our device.

Using GifLab

GifLab is the best option to share GIF on Instagram for iOS users. Although it is not a free app you have to pay 2.99$ to download this application. After all the steps to upload GIF in Instagram is very easy only. First you have to download any GIF image from google or anyother website. Then open that GIF image using GifLab application there you will be prompted to share GIF to Instagram simply click it that’s ll your image will be uploaded to your instagram account.

Using Wondershare Filmora

You can use Wondershare Filmora application to post GIF on Instagram. But you need desktop to use Wondershaer Filmora because it is available only in desktop. Open Filmora application and choose the GIF image from the media library that you want to post in your Instagram account. Then choose the aspect ratio to 1:1 and export it as MP4 file thats ll now upload it in your instagram account.


So far I have explained all the available tricks to share GIF on Instagram. Use it now and surprise your friends with this trick. If you have any other working method please feel free to comment it below then it will be useful for many people. And if you have any doubt means tell that also I will help you to clear it.