How to Take Precautions Against Coronavirus

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As we all well known about the recent trending virus named Corona. There is no vaccine found to treat coronavirus. To prevent from coronavirus, we need to maintain some day to day measures, which will keep us away from this deadly disease. This Corona has been named COVID19. The 19 stands for 2019, which was the year that this Corona started spreading.

How Severe is Corona?

The Corona is a virus from the SARS virus family. SARS is less significantly affected the people in 2003. For every thousand people, there will be 20-30 people who will get infected by Corona.

What were Corona’s spreading modes?

The Corona gets started from the animals, and they are the original source for this virus. This Corona will spread using air, which was its mode of transmission. If one person got affected by Corona, he would spread this disease with at least three people. So this can get spread easily from one person to another. The Corona will be identified in a person only after 14 days of treatment. The 14 days was the incubation period for the coronavirus to start spread in the humans. So Corona will not be identified with the person easily.

How Corona spreads?

This Corona causes infection for humans over the nose, throat, and lungs. This virus started spreading from one infected person to another person.

Droplets from respiratory got generated when you started sneezing or coughing when Corona gets inside you.

It spread through personal contact with person to person by touching or shaking hands.


If a person is with a coronavirus will be identified with the below symptoms,

This Corona can cause a

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Breathing will be somewhat difficult
  • They will get easily tired
  • They will be with muscle pain


You should make a distance between the people who are sick. You have to maintain some distance of a meter while they are sneezing or coughing.

You have to avoid touching your own eyes, nose, and mouth were we could avoid spreading of this disease by our own hands where bacteria and viruses were easily transformed.

When you are feeling ill, you have to stay at your home until you are confirmed that you are with normal illness.

Clean your regular household with a spray

Some people using facemask to prevent from the COVID but no CDC were advised to use a facemask to prevent respiratory disease.

This facemask should be used by the people only who confirmed corona cases. This mask is essential only for house workers and persons who are taking care of the affected person.

You have to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. You need to do this on the usage of the bathroom, before your meal and after sneezing, coughing, or blowing your nose.

If you have contacted any person with Corona, you must call the healthcare center and have to get their advice.

Prevention for Travellers:

Travelers who have visited any other country should have to monitor their health for 14 days, which was its incubation period. These 14 days are not only for your sake. This will save his/her country with the spreading of the virus to their country people.

If you are visiting a place with more people in the local area, then you have to wash your hands with soap for nearly 20 seconds and not to contact your hands with your eyes, nose and tongue without washing it.


As already told, there is no vaccine that has been identified to cure Corona. So you have to contact your healthcare center. Normal antibiotics will be used for clear coronavirus when the person is not having any of the health diseases like the problem in the respiratory system and any problem in the kidney or liver. These people will get easily affected and somewhat difficult to cure.