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How to Choose the Best Wireless Earbuds Under your Budget

If you’re just like me, you could check Amazon for cheaper Apple earbud alternatives. Many low-cost earphones have higher grades for iPhone, Android mobile, and so on, but are they good?. Here I wrote a detailed guide on how to choose the best wireless earbuds under your budget and listed some of the best earbuds in the market.

Accessible to audiophiles

You need a set of headphones supporting AptX and AAC codecs to deliver the best sound output. If they are not compliant with the native mobile codec on some phones, you can find the default headsets in SBC. SBC does not look awful with that said, and most of the users are not likely to notice something.

Since every manufacturer ships on its own codec service to the AAC / AptX support, it will cost more to the manufacturers to test the buds in terms of sound performance. The best-sounding pairs that we have seen so far lack the support for AAC or AptX.

Is Sound cancelation beneficial?

If you really think about sound cancellation, we have some bad news: the perfect alternative will be Apple’s AirPods. In the genuine wireless environment, we looked at other ANC alternatives, and the more expensive pairs than the current ones can not be comparable to Apple’s offerings.

Both wired & wireless bluetooth in-ear Headphones must have an active noise cancelation feature to deliver the best sound experience. So we suggest you increase the budget at this stage if this attribute prevails.

Here, Check out the new Cost-effective wireless earbuds

Best Wireless Earbuds


EarFun Free

The most appealing features of the EarFun Free headphones are Bluetooth 5.0, USB, and wireless charging, as well as fully waterproof headphones (IPX7). Evaluating new and cost-effective wireless headphones is the sound of the elite? Yeah, it sounds pretty good, but the headphones aren’t just the speaker noise.

We have no sound clearness like genuine high-end wireless headphones costing $150 a couple or more; but, we do have good bass and ample audio clarity for you to believe that you get what you are paying for and more. The headphones can be predicted with adequate energy. The battery has a reasonable capacity of six hours, and four charges are given on the go, to a $45 class.

1More True Wireless Smart

After Apple’s AirPods started to conquer the market in 2016 we’ve tried several pricey and bulky wireless headsets from top brands, the best couple we’ve tested from is from a business you don’t even understand: 1More.

The wireless headphones of the second generation of the brand small audio have a 6.5 hour battery life, which is excellent for the AirPod, the Bluetooth AptX sound codec, and a set of comfortable headphones that guarantee a perfect fit.

Soft silicone earbuds help them snuggle in the little ears and make them an ideal pair for people who don’t seem to fit well. Moreover, they are a little more “stylish” than white AirPods in four colors (pink, green, gold, and black).

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Airpod and other truly branded wireless headphones cost 160 dollars a pair. The two headphones of Anker Soundcore Liberty Air have an appealing style and a good sound quality at $100 to provide a nice listening experience. This second-generation, available in black or white, offers USB-C charge, enhanced battery life (up to seven horsepower), and outstanding call efficiency.

The device provides a lot less than AirPods Pro, including a lightweight loading instance that has an excellent matte finish, with the exception of active sound canceled. The sound insulation of the earphones provides a wide range of room noise reduction systems and a range of elite earphones for sound calls, which is very close to the level of efficiency of the AirPods Pro.

Grado SR80e

Open Back SR80e Grade does not protect the snap mechanical keyboard of your colleagues, but it will provide you with the largest, most open-sound stage for less than $100. The helmet has a simple and established style handcrafted in Brooklyn.

Grado invested where it is: outstanding quality guts, rather than investing in appearances. Specialized animated drivers inside the SR80e play with our favorite music with energetic and realistic consistency, immersing you in the heart of your songs. None of the bass drums of John Bonham in the “Since I’ve Been Loving You” you’ve ever heard, You can’t hear it anymore on the SR80e.

Anker Soundcore Life P2

The Soundcore Life P2 headphones are a better value option for the two Anker Soundcore Freity Airs with comparable attributes. The buds cost in their boxes horizontally rather than vertically, and both the situation and buds sound marginally better than Liberty Air2.

They are much less consistent with well-known tracks, and the bass is not as well established, so the sound in Liberty Air 2 buds triples. But they are moister and pardoning, which I appreciate and the original Freedom Air is more like.

How to Use Peppermint Oil for Pest Control

Peppermint has a strong smell, which is irritating to many parasites. This plant’s oil can be used in the home to deter insects and pests. In households with children and pets, Peppermint oil can be used safely for all. It’s not hard to find them in supermarkets, near other varieties in the aisle. The scent is good, and mint is much cheaper than other deterrents.

Peppermint oil provides a great alternative to the key chemicals and plastics pest management solutions.

Let’s take a look at a number of issues related to the key solutions to pest control and why peppermint oil is the new natural solution to repelling creeping crawlies.

Problems with the main pest control methods 

Due to their efficacy in rapidly destroying pests, chemical pest control solutions have proliferated over the years. But in the following ways these compounds are extremely harmful to humans and other animals: 

Oral entry: this can occur through drops of chemicals in the food we eat and the liquids we drink. It also occurs when our hands are close to or in our mouth while our hands are exposed to chemical substances.

Respiratory inlet: breathable aerosols, vapors, or dust.

Skin entry: Skin and eyes easily absorb the spray that falls on the body.

How to use peppermint oil in natural pest control 

  • A spray bottle with warm water will be important. Drop the water line to the bottom at a maximum of 2 inches. Pour one tablespoon. Peppermint oil is soluble in hot water. Stall the nozzle, and vigorously shake. This will ensure the oil is spread well.
  • Find places where pests came into the building. In those places, spray the mixture of peppermint oil and water until saturated. They should have a light film on the windowsills and doors.
  • Leave the building. The first floor and basement show fog, if necessary. Spray the base portion clear and into the cracks. To protect them well, cover the bushes and flowers with a light mist.
  • In spring and summer, follow these steps to repel pests every month. Repeat after rain use, since peppermint oil is not waterproof. Those who are in warmer climates will reapply all year round.
  • Soak the balls of cotton in mince oil. Put ten cotton balls in a small bowl to fill several holes, and then pour the oil. Let them stand until all of the oil is over. When dry spots are in, add more oil.
  • Note the tiny holes and cracks where vermin can enter. Use Cotton balls made from materials moistened in the holes with oil. Verify that the gaps and cracks are filled entirely.
  • To keep pests at bay, but the remaining cotton balls at the base of the internal and external trash cans. Each time the containers are empty, replace them.
  • The cotton balls are tested once a month. If the accessible cotton is completely dry, add more oil using a dropper. It should not replace the cotton ball unless the originals shrink or deteriorate.

And let’s now understand how to properly use peppermint oil for best results.

Tips To Use Peppermint Oil Wisely

Buy the good stuff 

Make sure to use 100% pure peppermint oil or a specially formulated pest repelling drug. The nearby health food stores can even buy peppermint oil. Just be sure to let the sales staff know that you want to use it to repel rodents. They will tell you if the peppermint oil you are taking for that reason is appropriate. The Pest Advice has the verified list of companies where you can use them to buy the good oil.

Wet the cotton balls once a month 

As it becomes neglected, the scent will fade with time, and stop working. To maximize its effectiveness, be sure to keep the peppermint oil refreshing. At a start, one should replace the one-month cotton balls soaked in mint. Switch it every two weeks, if you have a recurring problem.

Make sure enough peppermint oil is used 

The flavor must be strong enough to have a deterrent effect. In this situation, the more, the better. Personally, I use a cotton ball with at least five drops of oil. Don’t skimp yourself on the water!

Knowing your limits 

Peppermint oil can be a strong dissuasive to mice, but it’s not an effective way to get rid of mice that already live in your house. If the scent is strong enough, that will discourage them from building a new home in the area where the cotton balls are being stored. But if you put the mint where they work, it’s not going to make them run down the hills.

Where to buy peppermint oil?

You may purchase peppermint oil from the local grocery store or from a health food store. Additionally, it will be sent to you by several online stores. The bottom line is to ensure you’re buying 100% pure mint oil. Do not buy a mixture unless created specifically for use as a mouse repellent.


How to Clean a Leather Jacket

If you buy a quality leather jacket and it won’t get loose out of its style. If you need to clean it means, you have to follow some steps with very smooth to it without using any hard materials for cleaning it. 

You can’t wash your leather jacket like other clothes by throwing in the washing machine. If you do like that, your jacket will get shrink, or you may found any crack or wrap on your jacket. In this blog, we will see some simple steps to clean your jacket easily and quickly.

Using Soap and water

Take a large bucket and fill it with mild hot water and some ounces. Now add two teaspoons of mild liquid detergent and stir it well till the soap gets completely dissolved. 

We need to clean the jacket without any damage to it, so if you add more detergent, it will cause your leather to strip it off. It will also make your cloth color fade, which results in discolored appearance.

Take a soft towel or sponge:

Now dip the soft towel or sponge into the detergent mix solution and wing the liquid out if you have excess. It should not be too wet if it is, then the leather will absorb water and make more damage to your jacket. Use a cloth which is so soft. If not, it will make some scratch to your jacket while wiping out.

Wipe outside of jacket:

Softly wipe the jacket with the sponge or towel, you have to get some more attention to the places that have any oil, dirt, or discolored patches. Clean the entire jacket by wetting the towel for two to three times if needed.

Now remove the soap over the jacket:

Now you have to jump into cleaning the soap from the jacket, so get a bucket of water without mixing any of the soap. Make sure you should not find any water in the jacket. Now leave the leather to completely get dry. Don’t use any dryer or machine to make the jacket to dry quickly let it be free to get moisturized.

Using of Leather Cleaner

You have to purchase a special leather cleaner in the market:

This kit should contain ingredients that will remove the scrub dirt and stains away from your jacket and make the leather to keep it in good condition for a long time. A bottle of leather cleaner would be not much costly. If you buy one, you can use it for a year. Purchase it in a supermarket or the person who is specialized in leather.

Apply cleaner to the jacket:

Apply the cleaning solution that you bought to the places of dirt which are present over your jacket. The leather cleaners will be in the type of gel, spray, or bars. If you are with any of these kinds of cleaner, use the minimal amount in the dirt part by covering all the stains and dirt.

Rub solution into the jacket:

After applying the solution, take a soft wet cloth and start rubbing it. Slowly rub it in a circular form and make the water and stains out of the leather jacket. Rub slowly until the cleaner removes the stained part completely.

Remove solution if applied more:

If you applied more solutions to the jacket, you must have a separate cloth to clean this. Applying excess will make your leather to get fade or any cracks. After finishing all these steps, you will get a clean and rich look leather jacket and looks like a new one.

Maintain your leather jacket

Notice the instruction of manufacturer:

Note the label which presents inside the jacket when you bought. On this label, the user will have the instruction on how to clean the jacket. Some important warnings also present which you should not try with the jacket. Most of the manufacturers will provide you a cleaning instruction. It is good to follow that.

Make your jacket free from water:

What kind of leather jacket you have it doesn’t matter. You need to spray regularly with the waterproofing agent. What this will do is it will stick to the pores in the leather and act as a seal to it, and water will not enter into it. Make sure to buy a different jacket for rain and summer season. So much of water will decrease the life of your jacket.

Store it properly:

Make your jacket hang on the hanger while you are not using it. Put the jacket in the cool and dry place. Manage it by cleaning once a year. If you are not wearing it very often, store it using a garment bag.

How to Take Precautions Against Coronavirus

As we all well known about the recent trending virus named Corona. There is no vaccine found to treat coronavirus. To prevent from coronavirus, we need to maintain some day to day measures, which will keep us away from this deadly disease. This Corona has been named COVID19. The 19 stands for 2019, which was the year that this Corona started spreading.

How Severe is Corona?

The Corona is a virus from the SARS virus family. SARS is less significantly affected the people in 2003. For every thousand people, there will be 20-30 people who will get infected by Corona.

What were Corona’s spreading modes?

The Corona gets started from the animals, and they are the original source for this virus. This Corona will spread using air, which was its mode of transmission. If one person got affected by Corona, he would spread this disease with at least three people. So this can get spread easily from one person to another. The Corona will be identified in a person only after 14 days of treatment. The 14 days was the incubation period for the coronavirus to start spread in the humans. So Corona will not be identified with the person easily.

How Corona spreads?

This Corona causes infection for humans over the nose, throat, and lungs. This virus started spreading from one infected person to another person.

Droplets from respiratory got generated when you started sneezing or coughing when Corona gets inside you.

It spread through personal contact with person to person by touching or shaking hands.


If a person is with a coronavirus will be identified with the below symptoms,

This Corona can cause a

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Breathing will be somewhat difficult
  • They will get easily tired
  • They will be with muscle pain


You should make a distance between the people who are sick. You have to maintain some distance of a meter while they are sneezing or coughing.

You have to avoid touching your own eyes, nose, and mouth were we could avoid spreading of this disease by our own hands where bacteria and viruses were easily transformed.

When you are feeling ill, you have to stay at your home until you are confirmed that you are with normal illness.

Clean your regular household with a spray

Some people using facemask to prevent from the COVID but no CDC were advised to use a facemask to prevent respiratory disease.

This facemask should be used by the people only who confirmed corona cases. This mask is essential only for house workers and persons who are taking care of the affected person.

You have to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. You need to do this on the usage of the bathroom, before your meal and after sneezing, coughing, or blowing your nose.

If you have contacted any person with Corona, you must call the healthcare center and have to get their advice.

Prevention for Travellers:

Travelers who have visited any other country should have to monitor their health for 14 days, which was its incubation period. These 14 days are not only for your sake. This will save his/her country with the spreading of the virus to their country people.

If you are visiting a place with more people in the local area, then you have to wash your hands with soap for nearly 20 seconds and not to contact your hands with your eyes, nose and tongue without washing it.


As already told, there is no vaccine that has been identified to cure Corona. So you have to contact your healthcare center. Normal antibiotics will be used for clear coronavirus when the person is not having any of the health diseases like the problem in the respiratory system and any problem in the kidney or liver. These people will get easily affected and somewhat difficult to cure.

How to Become a Notary Public in India

The Notary is simply a lawyer who gets assigned by a state or central government based on Act LII of 1952. This act is known as the notaries act. The qualification to become a notary gets differ from the state to state. 

Any criminal case should not be filed against the Notary, and he/she should get belong to the legal resident of that particular state. Some states need notaries with English read and write knowledge, while some other states will allow the people from the neighboring state who don’t have English knowledge to become a notary. 

Let us see detailed steps to become a notary in this blog. 

Qualification to be a notary:

  • He/she should be in the advocate field with ten years of experience.
  • For reserved categories or women can have seven years of experience as a lawyer.
  • This notary selection will get vary from state to state, so cross-check with your state qualities.
  • An officer in the judicial department, advocate or general in armed force may apply for this position
  • The officer, under the presence of state and central government with the knowledge of the law, could apply for the Notary.

Required Skills:

  • Discipline
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Self-confidence
  • Commitment
  • Alertness of mind
  • Be honest towards society

Steps to follow to become a notary:

Step 1:

The first basic qualification to become a notary is to complete an L.LB degree, which is a basic degree to become a lawyer.

To get the L.LB degree candidate has to get clear the entrance exam which has been conducted by the various Universities Law department in various regions of India or other deemed universities or institutes.

Common-Law Admission Test was an eligible test to get in the law career, and this test was conducted every year to select the student with the course period of 5years. 

This exam will shortly be called as CLAT. The syllabus of this CLAT exam will be covered from the below topics in most cases.

  • Aptitude
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Comprehension of English
  • General Knowledge
  • Current Affairs
  • School-level mathematics merely below 10th 

Step 2:

You have to successfully complete this course without any backlogs to become a degree holder. In law, every student has to complete an internship. This internship duration may vary among the institutions.

Step 3:

Now your college life has been completed. Now the candidate should get register as an advocate in the State bar council. This has been regulated early in the Advocate Act, 1961. This period they have to get experience and get knowledge about a real-time lawyer and also to apply for a notary license.

Step 4:

After the completion of 10 years as a successful lawyer, then he/she is eligible to apply as a notary. This duration time varies for women and reserved castes as seven years.

A person who is not a legal practiced advocate also can apply for Notary only if they are a member of Indian legal service or have special knowledge in law and enrolled as an advocate in the department of law.

Step 5:

The candidate should submit an application form with the required qualification in the corresponding government.

If the candidate form has been approved, he will be announced as a notary with the certificate of practice. His or her name will be maintained in the government database as a notary.

Fees Structure:

None of the exams in India will be free of cost. For every exam, we have to pay fees. Likewise, this Notary will also have a basic fee structure. 

Rs.1000 – This fee is for providing a certificate as a notary with five years of experience. This is literally called as an appointment order for a notary.

Rs.500 – This fee is for the renewal of the notary certificate.

Rs.750 – The Notary may continue their practice session around their region if he/she willing to continue it in the outer region, which is other than his Notary applied region this fee will get collected. Also, this is not a mandatory one.

Job Description of a notary:

The basic theme of a notary is to witness the authenticate signature, verify the signatures. The public Notary will have to identify whether any fraudulent have happened in the document, and any mistakes occur in public matters.

Notary Public Salary:

The salary has been given based on their performance and experience of work. The basic salary of a notary will start from Rs.1000 and more for a day. According to his/her services, the salary will get vary.


A public notary should not see this lawyer job as a business-minded, they should be in action for the common people of India.

How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player

Hey guys, it’s very easy to unblock the Adobe flash player application on the respective website. There is no reason to get panic while seeing the Flash player not available on websites. Some might be feeling difficulties in enabling the adobe flash contents. This blog will be very useful for those users—Come-on Let’s try-out.

What does unblocking Adobe flash player actually means? Unblocking Adobe flash player is enabling the Adobe flash player plugin in our internet browser and allowing the specific site to use Adobe flash player. Adobe flash player is a multimedia content player used in internet platforms for executing rich internet applications and streaming audio and video.

There are many ways to unblock an Adobe flash player. Let’s see one by one below. We will be elaborating the Adobe flash player enabling techniques in each browser.

Google Chrome browser:

  • Open the Chrome browser
  • Select the Menu icon on the top right corner of the browser window. Then the Drop-down option will appear.
  • Go to Settings in the drop-down. Then Google browser settings menu will open.
  • Select Advanced Setting in the Settings page.
  • Select Content Settings in Advanced Settings. The advanced setting suggests content settings, clear browsing data, language settings, downloads, and so on.
  • In content settings, click on the Flash option.
  • You will see Ask First, block, allow options.
  • Enable the Ask First option, and it will turn as Blue color.
  • There You can find Block option too. If a particular site should not be allowed to use Adobe flash player means we can add that site in this block option. So it will block the flash content for that particular site(which is called Blacklisting).
  • You can also find the Allow option. If Specific sites alone have to load the Adobe flash content means you can add the sites in the allow option. Hence the added sites only will be allowing the flash content to play(which is called whitelisting).
  • The chrome doesn’t play flash content automatically. It will be asking for or enable flash permission whenever the flash content wants to play in the browser.

Firefox Browser:

Enabling the process of flash player settings in Firefox is similar to the chrome browser, but you have to download and install Adobe flash player to your computer.

The steps are as follows

  • Open the Firefox Browser
  • Install Adobe Flash Player directly (in case, if you are in flash content page, it will be redirected to the Adobe flash player installation site, so you can install it from there).

Note: this installation process is only for the Firefox browser.

  • In the Installation popup window, choose the select options required for you, and then just click the Install Now button.
  • Wait for some moment, the flash player exe will ask for download. Save the file, and after download, install the flash player.
  • Open the downloaded setup file of Adobe flash player. Then the installation process starts. Finish-up the installation.
  • Restart the Firefox browser.
  • Click Settings on the right top corner. Select Add-ons option in the settings dropdown menu.
  • Add-ons settings page will be opened. Now select Plugins from the menu.
  • You can see the flash option just below the plugins list. Select as always active.

Now the Adobe flash player is enabled in your browser. Thereby whatever flash content of the site will be playing automatically.

Internet Explorer browser(Windows Microsoft):

Internet Explorer is a default graphical web browser for all Microsoft Windows PC. We can directly go for the Steps of enabling flash content in internet explorer.

  • Open the Internet Explorer browser from your Windows PC.
  • Open Settings as usual from the top right of the browser window.
  • Click on Manage add-ons option in the drop-down. The manage add-on window will open.
  • Select toolbars and extension options from the add-on types.
  • Select all add-ons in the “show” drop-down, which is available at the left bottom of the window.
  • Select the shockwave flash object from the list. Click on enable and then close.
  • Now the changes are saved and restart the Internet explorer.

After restarting the Internet Explorer browser, the flash content will be playing automatically.

Safari browser:

Safari is a web browser developed by apple. It is the default web browser for Apple devices. Let’s see methods for unblocking Adobe flash player in Safari.

  • Open the Safari browser from your mac.
  • Click the Safari settings at the top right corner(as same as all browsers).
  • Click on Preferences in the settings drop-down menu. Safari settings window will open.
  • Select the Extensions icon in the menu bar of the settings window.
  • Check the Adobe flash player.
  • Select “when visiting other websites” drop-down as allow, which is on the bottom right of the window. And click Done, the browser will save the settings.
  • The process is done. Restart the Safari Browser. The flash content will be allowed automatically to play in your browser.

How to Play Music through Mic

Is it possible to play music using the mic? Let’s discuss it in this article. For playing music through a microphone, we need the required devices like a microphone, a sound source, and a speaker for connecting it with a microphone. This might be the way available for playing music through a microphone. 

Do you think whether there is an application that allows play sound through your microphone! Still, there are no devices invented like that, which is against the physical laws. The microphone will just do the job of sound to electrical signal conversion. It cannot act as a speaker. The only thing we can do is connect the speaker with the microphone.

First of all, we have to understand the functionality of the microphone. Microphone usually plays a role in capturing the sounds from the environment and converts it to its respective electrical signal. Microphones are mainly used for recording voices, speech recognition in many apps that are functioning using the input as sound.

We will be discussing the most effective methods which are useful for playing sounds through the mic.

Through Computer Software:

For playing music sounds through Mic, We need input sound source or music, and then we need a Mic device which is connected to the personal computer. All here, we need to convert the mic signals to sound to the receiver end using some computer software.

Voicemeeter Software:

Voicemeeter is a software which is used for reproducing and triggering the sounds within your computer. You can search for similar software on the Internet, which is more comfortable for you. You also need soundboard software. Soundboard software triggers and reproduces the sound and gives a clear form of output. 

This soundboard software will be receiving the input from the microphone’s sound output and gives the output to the voicemeeter input. Some of the soundboard software are EXP SOUNDBOARD, JINGLE PALETTE, MIXERE, SOUNDBOARD, etc.. 

The steps are given below for voicemeeter & soundboard guidance.

  • Download & install the soundboard software.
  • Enable the inputs and outputs in soundboard software.
  • Download the software named voicemeeter, which is free software available on the internet. Voicemeeter software will be available as voicemeeter banana or voicemeeter potato or simply has voicemeeter.
  • Install voicemeeter banana.
  • After successful installation restart your computer
  • Open your voicemeeter banana application. You will be finding the nodes A1, A2, A3 on the top right.
  • Click A1 dropdown, select WDM listening device from the dropdown. You will be using some other versions such as KS, MME, etc.. Alternatives for the WDM listening devices.
  • Select hardware input(for e.g., your headset mic) in which medium the computer wants to hear the sound.
  • Select virtual input as voicemeeter VAIO.
  • Select your output as voicemeeter. For selecting the output, we need to configure from Windows sound settings(Windows menu–>sound playback option–>choose your output device as voicemeeter.
  • Now open the music mixing section and join the party as a Kaster.
  • New cast session will open. Select your device and select the input as computer audio.
  • Now the process will be started. You get the output from the voicemeeter software.

Using Virtual Microphone:

This method doesn’t require microphone input. It directly receives the input from the audio file then processes truly to the virtual microphone. Similar to the above method, we have to use soundboard, and in addition to that, we have to download virtual microphone software. For soundboard, download, and install – refer to the above method. It is much more similar to the above method. It won’t require headphone connection efforts.

There are many free software available for the virtual audio cable. Download the virtual audio cable software and then start the installation. You need soundboard software also for proper sound hearability. It will connect the audio file and virtual audio cable software. Properly configure all the inputs and outputs to the respective software.