How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player

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Hey guys, it’s very easy to unblock the Adobe flash player application on the respective website. There is no reason to get panic while seeing the Flash player not available on websites. Some might be feeling difficulties in enabling the adobe flash contents. This blog will be very useful for those users—Come-on Let’s try-out.

What does unblocking Adobe flash player actually means? Unblocking Adobe flash player is enabling the Adobe flash player plugin in our internet browser and allowing the specific site to use Adobe flash player. Adobe flash player is a multimedia content player used in internet platforms for executing rich internet applications and streaming audio and video.

There are many ways to unblock an Adobe flash player. Let’s see one by one below. We will be elaborating the Adobe flash player enabling techniques in each browser.

Google Chrome browser:

  • Open the Chrome browser
  • Select the Menu icon on the top right corner of the browser window. Then the Drop-down option will appear.
  • Go to Settings in the drop-down. Then Google browser settings menu will open.
  • Select Advanced Setting in the Settings page.
  • Select Content Settings in Advanced Settings. The advanced setting suggests content settings, clear browsing data, language settings, downloads, and so on.
  • In content settings, click on the Flash option.
  • You will see Ask First, block, allow options.
  • Enable the Ask First option, and it will turn as Blue color.
  • There You can find Block option too. If a particular site should not be allowed to use Adobe flash player means we can add that site in this block option. So it will block the flash content for that particular site(which is called Blacklisting).
  • You can also find the Allow option. If Specific sites alone have to load the Adobe flash content means you can add the sites in the allow option. Hence the added sites only will be allowing the flash content to play(which is called whitelisting).
  • The chrome doesn’t play flash content automatically. It will be asking for or enable flash permission whenever the flash content wants to play in the browser.

Firefox Browser:

Enabling the process of flash player settings in Firefox is similar to the chrome browser, but you have to download and install Adobe flash player to your computer.

The steps are as follows

  • Open the Firefox Browser
  • Install Adobe Flash Player directly (in case, if you are in flash content page, it will be redirected to the Adobe flash player installation site, so you can install it from there).

Note: this installation process is only for the Firefox browser.

  • In the Installation popup window, choose the select options required for you, and then just click the Install Now button.
  • Wait for some moment, the flash player exe will ask for download. Save the file, and after download, install the flash player.
  • Open the downloaded setup file of Adobe flash player. Then the installation process starts. Finish-up the installation.
  • Restart the Firefox browser.
  • Click Settings on the right top corner. Select Add-ons option in the settings dropdown menu.
  • Add-ons settings page will be opened. Now select Plugins from the menu.
  • You can see the flash option just below the plugins list. Select as always active.

Now the Adobe flash player is enabled in your browser. Thereby whatever flash content of the site will be playing automatically.

Internet Explorer browser(Windows Microsoft):

Internet Explorer is a default graphical web browser for all Microsoft Windows PC. We can directly go for the Steps of enabling flash content in internet explorer.

  • Open the Internet Explorer browser from your Windows PC.
  • Open Settings as usual from the top right of the browser window.
  • Click on Manage add-ons option in the drop-down. The manage add-on window will open.
  • Select toolbars and extension options from the add-on types.
  • Select all add-ons in the “show” drop-down, which is available at the left bottom of the window.
  • Select the shockwave flash object from the list. Click on enable and then close.
  • Now the changes are saved and restart the Internet explorer.

After restarting the Internet Explorer browser, the flash content will be playing automatically.

Safari browser:

Safari is a web browser developed by apple. It is the default web browser for Apple devices. Let’s see methods for unblocking Adobe flash player in Safari.

  • Open the Safari browser from your mac.
  • Click the Safari settings at the top right corner(as same as all browsers).
  • Click on Preferences in the settings drop-down menu. Safari settings window will open.
  • Select the Extensions icon in the menu bar of the settings window.
  • Check the Adobe flash player.
  • Select “when visiting other websites” drop-down as allow, which is on the bottom right of the window. And click Done, the browser will save the settings.
  • The process is done. Restart the Safari Browser. The flash content will be allowed automatically to play in your browser.